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Real live Pictures!

2007.02.23: Kids

2007.02.15: Cell phone pics - residents, friends, family, food

2007.02.12: Frozen River

2007.02.04: The family at Ansar's place and the Superbowl

2007.01.31: more of the same... Muneer, Aaron, Neha, Alaleh are on these pages. Can't come up with a good description.

2007.01.22: hanging out - Cell phone pictures

2007.01.21: More of the Toys; hanging out; some nature.

2007.01.06: New Toys

2006.12.31: Eid

2006.12.16: Collage of every picture on the previous page.

2006.12.15: Simply the best people to work with... and if they want to keep that reputation, it doesn't cost much to get pictures taken down.

Free Image Hosting at THE CCU team.

2006.12.10: Random Pictures

2006.11.24: Suleman's Waleema

2006.11.11: Two Birthdays in one

2006.11.07: The walk to the office, the office, some friends, visiting my brother, my room as I rearrange things (unless you believe this is how I always live)

2006.10.31: Down in Maryland

2006.10.21: Great Falls yet again.

2006.10.15: Mountains, a lake, my mom and my sister

2006.10.14: Ducks and the office under construction

Second set of pics from the new cam... still learning how to use it... btw, these pics are scaled down a bit

First set of pics from the new cam

Picture of a bee that I took

People I work with

Many people in the past have asked if I'm related to him. Now I can say yes. My nephew Omar Sharif

20060902: The weekend

Born on August 30th, 2006 Here are his first pics

Well, I haven't touched this for a while mainly cuz of server issues... as a solution, I am going to use paid hosting. I have scaled down the sizez of each image to deal with bandwidth issues. I may even slowly move pictures off the server and onto free sites!!!

This is not a complete set of pictures. Pictures have been and can be removed at peoples request. I can not guarantee that they will be removed in a timely fashion, but will do my best to keeping this page upto date.

20060701: Graduation and more... So, I can't believe I almost forgot to add THIS PAGE to this index (Shilpa's, Bindi's and my brothers pictures from graduation).

20060604: South Mountain Reservation. Been there before many times and probably will go there again. This time a shot of Hemlock falls, a squirrel and some deer

20060603: Great Falls in Patterson, NJ. Prob the most impressive set of waterfalls in Jersey

More of the Wedding: From Muneer

The following Monday: Shabbir's wedding

20060528: Shabbir's wedding

20060527: More from Bushkill Falls and a little more

20060525: Don't let the date on the pics fool ya, these were actually taken on May 24th, 2006.... oh yes, don't let the name of the directory fool ya either!

The California Trip

20060516c: The big Drive (my cam)

20060516b: San Diego and more of CA (my cam)

20060516: More days (my cam)

20060424: Day 5

20060423: Day 4

20060422: Day 3

20060421: Day 2

20060420: Day 1

The clinical years

20060419: Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge

20060418: The end of the Clinical years... and a little beyond that.

20051001 Afternoon: Shah Nawaz Palace

20051001 Early morning: Some pictures from the student lounge and some more from South Mountain Reservation in South Orange (or is it west orange...)

20050930: Construction

20050928DC Trip

20050918Pictures ranging from construction, Anwar and Faisal's place, a road trip to Penn, and my garden

20050911: In California, San Diego and LA.

20050813: New mosaics. Also demonstrates a new feature of ppmfractal I just added that makes image scaling optional. Each poster took less than 30 seconds to generate on my brother's new Athlon 64.

20050803: Demolition, greenry, baking and the usual mess

20050705: end of June

20050619: Easy Art. Using an edge detection algorithm to turn a picture into "Art"

20050614: First few weeks of June

20050601: Graduations, engagements and whatever else happened around May, 2005

20050502: South Orange Reservation, NJ

Adding old stuff

SGU Pictures

SGU Pictures: set 2

SGU Pictures: set 3

SGU Pictures: set 4

20040406: Winter Pictures, hanging out in basking ridge after and before step 1