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More assorted pictures

2007.06.14: Internal Medicine Graduation party

Neel and Hina become Hiel: That's right! The unofficial wedding pics that nobody wants to see, but probably will anyways

2007.04.28: Picnic in Brooklyn

2007 IM retreat: These are Sarah's pictures of the IM retreat. I was too lazy to go back to my car to get my camera.

Omar as RGB lines: Omar as RGB lines

Miami Heat at the NJ Nets: The Game

2007.02.23: Kids

2007.02.15: Cell phone pics - residents, friends, family, food

2007.02.12: Frozen River

2007.02.04: The family at Ansar's place and the Superbowl

2007.01.31: more of the same... Muneer, Aaron, Neha, Alaleh are on these pages. Can't come up with a good description.

2007.01.21: More of the Toys; hanging out; some nature.

2006.12.31: Eid

2006.12.16: Collage of every picture on the previous page.

2006.12.15: Simply the best people to work with... and if they want to keep that reputation, it doesn't cost much to get pictures taken down.

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THE CCU team.

2006.12.10: Random Pictures

2006.11.24: Suleman's Waleema

2006.11.11: Two Birthdays in one

2006.11.07: The walk to the office, the office, some friends, visiting my brother, my room as I rearrange things (unless you believe this is how I always live)

2006.10.31: Down in Maryland

2006.10.21: Great Falls yet again.

2006.10.15: Mountains, a lake, my mom and my sister

Second set of pics from the new cam... still learning how to use it... btw, these pics are scaled down a bit

First set of pics from the new cam

Picture of a bee that I took

People I work with

Many people in the past have asked if I'm related to him. Now I can say yes. My nephew Omar Sharif

20060902: The weekend

Born on August 30th, 2006 Here are his first pics