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"It's not that I don't have a life, I just don't know where I put it." - Irtza
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PGY 2 Pictures

One last hike as a second year resident

NBI Graduation and the Medicine Graduation Party 2008 the next day

Pooja's Backyard

2008.04.30: a post-call walk through the park

2008.04.26: Amita's Wedding

April 19th and 20th 2008: Family, hiking, more hiking, and even more hiking


Medicine retreat 08

A dinner and another dinner

Laker's game


Ismael's Wedding: Yes, I know it took a long time for this to be put up. If anyone wants a higher resolution copy of any of these pictures, let me know. This is probably the best bride and groom picture on here. Don't blame me for the quality of the pictures- I didn't take them.

2007.11.10: Dean turns 4 (Nov 8th) and Mikayla turns 2 (on Nov 7th)

San Francisco


2007.10.25: Pictures at Work

2007.10.10: Pictures from work and dinner

My Toys

2007.09.09: Pictures at work. Rickett's Glen. Didn't have my good camera with me, so had to use the cell phone.

2007.09.02The U.S. Open Day 7: Practice, Chela vs Ljubicic, womens doubles, Moya vs Kohlschreiber

2007.09.01Omar turns one (Part Two)

2007.09.01Omar turns one (Part One)

2007.08.27: Pictures at work.

2007.08.26: Pictures at work. Plus a ton of more random pictures from my cell phone.

2007.08.24: Pictures from the last few weeks. BBQ at my place and at Ansar's place.

Richard's new place: Went to upstate NY to visit Richard. Saw his new house, went hiking, met some of his co-residents. ImgBay site with all the pics as I messed up the creation of his page

Family visiting. Lots of kid pictures

Early Pictures

Driving around Pennsylvannia Free Image Hosting at

Beginning of the year. Some people over for a BBQ