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Time off

20060701: Graduation and more... So, I can't believe I almost forgot to add THIS PAGE to this index (Shilpa's, Bindi's and my brothers pictures from graduation).

20060604: South Mountain Reservation. Been there before many times and probably will go there again. This time a shot of Hemlock falls, a squirrel and some deer

20060603: Great Falls in Patterson, NJ. Prob the most impressive set of waterfalls in Jersey

More of the Wedding: From Muneer

The following Monday: Shabbir's wedding

20060528: Shabbir's wedding

20060527: More from Bushkill Falls and a little more

20060525: Don't let the date on the pics fool ya, these were actually taken on May 24th, 2006 at Bushkill falls

The California Trip

20060516c: The big Drive (my cam)

20060516b: San Diego and more of CA (my cam)

20060516: More days (my cam)

20060424: Day 5

20060423: Day 4

20060422: Day 3

20060421: Day 2

20060420: Day 1

The clinical years [of med school]

20060419: Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge

20060418: The end of the Clinical years... and a little beyond that.

20051001 Afternoon: Shah Nawaz Palace

20051001 Early morning: Some pictures from the student lounge and some more from South Mountain Reservation in South Orange (or is it west orange...)

20050930: Construction

20050918Pictures ranging from construction, Anwar and Faisal's place, a road trip to Penn, and my garden

20050911: In California, San Diego and LA.

20050813: New mosaics. Also demonstrates a new feature of ppmfractal I just added that makes image scaling optional. Each poster took less than 30 seconds to generate on my brother's new Athlon 64.

20050803: Demolition, greenry, baking and the usual mess

20050705: end of June

20050614: First few weeks of June

20050601: Graduations, engagements and whatever else happened around May, 2005

20050502: South Orange Reservation, NJ